Pete’s Pond

This is one of the most fascinating webcams I know. It is focused on Pete’s Pond (nothing to do with me) — a watering hole in Botswana. In recent days I’ve seen lions, elephants, monkeys, various deer, crocodile, umpteen species of bird, and more.
You can access it at:

Or open the following directly in RealPlayer to get a version without the web page, and expandable to whole screen, which is nice.

2 Replies to “Pete’s Pond”

  1. I keep looking at this one but so far I have only seen antelope-like animals
    and one croc. I must be looking at the wrong times. I do like it and
    think it is a wonder to be able to see what is happening in this tiny part of
    the world so many miles away. I’ll keep looking.

  2. Yes, keep looking in from time to time. The antelopes are there a lot. I suspect the season makes a difference too. A couple of weeks ago, in the middle of the night (in Botswana), there was a wild thunderstorm, high winds and driving rain. In the middle of it all, a herd of elephants were rolling and wallowing in the water, and then mating. Quite a scene.

    Another time, a saw a lioness hanging around in the distance. The antelopes sensed it, and left. The the lioness came forward some juveniles and started drinking. it made me realize that we think lions are always hunting and killing, but that is probably only when they are hungry. The rest of the time they seem to have respectful relationship with the other animals.

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