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News of Now

In these turbulent times, I find it valuable to digest news stories that do not make the headlines, or get a deeper analysis than that provided by the timorous US mainstream. Here's some key sources that I use.


English Online International Newspapers. Want to know what the rest of the world thinks? Everything from The Afghan Times, and The Moscow Times, to The Daily Telegraph and The New Zealand Herald.

Al-Jazeera English TV News. Keep in touch with world events, without the Western propaanda. Far less biased than the US government would have you think. Covers stories CNN wouldn't go near. (Needs Real Player)

BBC TV Newsnight The best current affairs TV show in the world. Updated 10.30 GMT Mon-Fri. Each night covers issues of the day with penetrating questioning of those involved. Some are British domestic issues, others international.

The Schwartz Report. Featured stories of the day on current events, science, technology, social issues, plus excellent archive and links to wealth of other information. Daily email subscription available.

Common Dreams. One of the best sources of stories, news, leaks, etc, that do not make the mainstream media. Essential reading in these turbulent times.

Truth Out. Another excellent source of stories that do not make the mainstream media.
Particularly good articles on The US Takeover of Iraqi Oil

Democracy Now. Good source of independent news.

New Scientist. The best weekly in the world on breaking stories in science. And its not afraid to engage politcal issues.

Date created: 20-Feb-07