Effortless Being - Finding Freedom in the Midst of Life

Online Course - May 27 - June 16, 2017

Produced and Presented by Glidewing

The course covers much of my teaching from the last few years, which until now has only been available in personal talks and retreats. It will include my latest thinking on consciousness and spiritual awakening, new meditation practices that facilitate letting go any effort, and the nature of the Self - the question "Who am I?"

Here is an excerpt from session two of the course, Returning to Natural Mind:

Throughout history, there have been those who've discovered a timeless truth about human consciousness: Our natural state of mind is already one of ease and contentment. We don't need to do anything, or go anywhere to feel the inner peace and joy inherent in our true Self.

In this three-week online course, I explore what prevents us from experiencing our natural state of mind. I shall lead guided meditations, practices and exercises to help us connect to the core of our true Self and return to effortless Being.

I will be participating in the course forums to join in the discussions and answers questions that arise.

More information and registration: Glidewing Productions

Feedback from previous participants.

This was a phenomenal course and really so relevant to modern life. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. — C.G.

Thank you Peter for a wonderfully designed workshop and for the profound content. I have left with some powerful tools to support me in my continuing journey. — G.J.

Peter has an effective and insightful way of making simple and clear what can often seem complex and intricate. — A.B.

The techniques have been so so helpful to me because they allow me to relax into the practice. I could feel the kindness and authenticity of Peter Russell, and the trasnmission of the teachings comes straight to my heart. Thank you!!  — C.R.

Peter's work reflects the basis of many spiritual practices. The truth in his teaching will lead you to great discovery. — S.G.

I found the sessions on consciousness and accessing guidance particularly insightful and useful.  — D.C.

I was able to reach some very deep levels of relaxation and peace. — C,H.

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